Hi there! I'm Ula Kajtoch

I help women simplify their nutrition without food restrictions, feel more energized, and shed some unwanted weight (only if that's your goal).


Are you ready to simplify your nutrition, shed some unwanted weight (only if that's your goal)? All, without food restrictions. 

Feeling exhausted, disappointed, and frustrated after you tried another diet? Are you feeling stressed because yet again, you didn't have the time to work out for an hour? 

Hello beautiful!!, I’m Ula, sales manager, and a childcare provider, turned a Nutrition & Fitness Coach. I'm the founder of “Ula, K. Fitness” (formerly known as AH-Fitness) and my mission is to help you simplify your nutrition so that you can include your favorite foods (ice cream anyone 😉 ) and still feel like you are eating healthy and perhaps lose weight or fat (if those are your goals, of course).

I know those feelings. It used to be me. Jumping from one diet to another. Going to the gym 5-6x week. Stressing about 'eat this and not that.' Not feeling comfortable with the way my body.

No matter how much I worked out (a lot), no matter how 'clean' I was eating (what does it even mean?), I was NEVER satisfied with my body. I was always feeling stressed, unhappy, and miserable about my “diet,” which was including tilapia, broccoli, and few other minimal foods (because...I was eating 'healthy') gave me hair loss problems, calcium problems (ended up visiting dentist couple of times).

Finally, one day, I said enough. I made much-needed changes to my lifestyle and finally started feeling happier. It turned out eating plenty of wholesome foods, and scaling down on exercising can bring incredible benefits to your mind and body.

And now, I’m on a mission the help YOU....women who deserve to feel happy, healthy, and wonderful about their own body by focusing on improving your nutrition without food restrictions or worries about not having time or not really liking to exercise!

You deserve to nourish your body and soul, the stress-free way, and feel fantastic about yourself and your body!

Join me and learn how you can change your life and stop feeling exhausted by regular diets and fitness routines. I am here to empower you and help you find ways suitable for you to feel amazing again!



Your time is now to shine!

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Hi there! I'm a Health & Fitness Coach who believes a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with sustainable and actionable habits. You shouldn't be eating boring food; there is so much more to exercising than spending endless hours at the gym. My online nutrition and fitness coaching is designed to be simple and minimize the stress around living a healthy life.


  • Certified Nutrition Coach PN
  • Certified Personal Trainer NASM
  • Certified Behavior Change in Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Yoga Teacher